THE TIME TO Make New Things Possible Is Now

IFA Gallery


Samsung is back at IFA with even more solutions and more possibilities for your business.
See what we have in store for 2015 and beyond, from the latest technologies to innovative software solutions.

Smart Shopping

  • Mirror Display

    Think it’s just a mirror? Think again. The Samsung OLED screen has a reflectance level of over 75%, meaning that customers get a clear view of their outfits augmented by additional information provided by the retailer on-screen.

  • Virtual Fitting Room

    The Samsung OLED screen not only provides shoppers with additional information about the products selected, it also offers shoppers a chance to see themselves in a variety of outfits from all angles, providing a unique brick-and-mortar shopping experience.

  • Samsung Pay

    Convert shoppers to buyers with easy and innovative POS systems that make efficient use of time and space, streamline purchasing for staff and customers, and build brand loyalty.

  • Smart LED Signage

    Attract and engage customers with Samsung Smart LED Signage that is timely and personalized. Crisp imagery draws the eye to the storefront while interactive touch elements allow customers to engage with the brand in-store and in-person.

Smart Office

  • WLAN

    Samsung’s WLAN systems optimize channel usage and allow multiple users to access video, voice and text messaging without delays. Whether it’s employees coordinating large amounts of communications and data or customers who need to get connected, everyone stays connected and stays happy.

  • KNOX

    Mobile devices are the future of work—KNOX is Samsung’s Android-based solution to help businesses create a secure mobile environment. Using key technology patented by the NSA, KNOX ensures that your business is both mobile and protected.

  • Printing Smart UX SDK

    This Android-based SDK allows developers to easily integrate secure copying, scanning and printing functions into their applications. Whether your application is used internally or is customer-facing, content can be secured and kept private from start to finish.

  • UHD Video Wall

    Samsung’s UHD video walls are not only large, they have incredible picture quality. And as the first video walls to feature integrated DP 1.2 and HDMI ports, they can display high quality content to engage and delight customers from near and afar, especially in large and busy spaces where brands must compete for attention.

  • Magic IWB

    Communicate and share information clearly with the Magic Interactive Whiteboard Solution, a tool for boardrooms and brainstorming sessions alike. Access files from any PC, integrate with multiple mobile devices, interact with content directly on-screen with the touch feature, and use the Bluetooth-enabled pointer to move freely around the room.

  • Smart MultiXpress 7

    Get super-fast, professional printing results on a made-for-business device. This wireless-enabled printing center is powered by Android and comes with a variety of customizable, pre-loaded applications for your content production needs.